Northwest Indiana Food Industry

Northwest Indiana is one of the leading regions in the United States for agribusiness, food processing and distribution. A number of companies including Albanese, American Licorice, Cargill, ConAgra and Monsanto, serve the world from our community.

Northwest Indiana is home to a cluster of businesses that process, distribute and market foods enjoyed worldwide. Freshness matters in today’s marketplace. Our location, combined with a comprehensive transportation network and intermodal connections, allows for fast, efficient and cost-effective access to customers.

“We chose Portage for our first farm because of the business-friendly environment, the good work force and the easy access to the interstate highway system that allows us to serve a five-state area.”

Robert Colangelo, Co-founding Farmer and President, Green Sense Farms, Portage

“We continue to grow in a highly competitive industry, due in part, to the quality of the Indiana workforce and the state’s positive business climate.”

Bon Wojcik, Plant Manager, Hearthside Food Solutions, Michigan City

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