Entrepreneurship & Innovation



Innovative regions that have invested in the support systems necessary for talented and ambitious entrepreneurs to succeed are where economic vitality is truly anchored. Northwest Indiana is a progressive region; and we realize that basing an economic development program on solely recruiting large manufacturing plants, corporate headquarters and distribution facilities is counter-productive to our progress. Ignite The Region’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation initiative is to foster robust entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems to propel future economic growth. Our Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative is comprised of eleven strategic goals:

  1. Cultivate and convene networks of entrepreneurs

  2. Build a regional entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem asset map to help entrepreneurs, startup companies and investors navigate the state’s existing resources and networks

  3. Raise awareness of regional entrepreneurial success stories

  4. Increase access to capital for Northwest Indiana entrepreneurs

  5. Develop an entrepreneurship policy agenda and advocate to the state on policies needed to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem

  6. Develop youth entrepreneurship programs to foster an entrepreneurship culture

  7. Develop new spaces for entrepreneurs and innovators

  8. Target and recruit growing early stage firms in the Chicago market

  9. Promote rural entrepreneurship

  10. Support innovation within existing companies

  11. Bolster federal, state and private investments in higher education with an emphasis on the following fields: Science & Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Programs


Below you will find a list of four categories encompassing several resourceful links involving Northwest Indiana’s Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses pertinent to advancing our Entrepreneurship & Innovation initiative