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Communities that offer a variety of amenities are the ones best able to attract and retain skilled and talented workers, especially younger workers who possess in-demand skills. A community that appeals to talent will, in turn, attract new employers. Ignite The Region’s Placemaking initiative is to create the amenities and places that enhance Northwest Indiana’s appeal to diverse groups of people. Our Placemaking Initiative is comprised of seven strategic goals:

  1. Maximize the transit-oriented development (TOD) potential associated with the South Shore Line Double Track NWI and West Lake Corridor rail projects

  2. Support the development of vibrant downtowns and distinct neighborhoods and districts

  3. Ensure the region encourages and promotes the development of diverse and affordable housing options

  4. Support the ongoing initiative to establish a healthcare residency program in Northwest Indiana

  5. Create a regional approach to developing and promoting the farm-to-fork sector in the region

  6. Incorporate the site location needs of target industries into local and regional planning and placemaking strategies

  7. Continue regional and local efforts to expand cultural, arts, entertainment and recreational infrastructure and amenities