Northwest Indiana
Northwest Indiana is home to several parks and recreational areas. Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties offer a wide range of environmental beauties such as bogs, wetlands, woodland forests, sand dunes and beaches along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Nature preserves are scattered across the region to conserve the beauty of Northwest Indiana and welcome visitors and residents to enjoy the unique habitat.
Proximity & Location
The pride of the Northwest Indiana region is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore which spans Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties. Miles across Lake Michigan lies the powerful city of Chicago, IL. Proximity and location are significant as to why the region is so valued among its businesses and residents
Ameriplex At The Port
Ameriplex at the Port is an example of the availability of prime locations in Northwest Indiana. The Forum assists in site selection and promotes the accumulation of transportation, distribution and logistics companies within Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana Forum

The Northwest Indiana Forum is the regional voice for the business community and the premier source of a full package of services that promote economic development and retention of quality jobs.

With more than 130 member organizations, the Forum's mission is to increase the broad-based wealth in Northwest Indiana through economic development.

Funded by membership contributions and grants, Forum membership translated into a direct investment in the region to support growth and economic innovation.

The Forum works to create a positive business climate promoting investment and job creation. Two critical components of a sustainable regional economy. Enabling this growth includes stable tax policies, reasonable operations and living costs and a workable regulatory environment that protects the quality of life and does not inhibit growth and opportunities.

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Why Choose NWI?

Northwest Indiana region is a market comprised of global, national and regional businesses that represent over $40 billion in commerce. People and businesses prosper and grow within the region of commerce, environmental beauty and transportation.

With a thriving population of over 750,000 and minutes away from the city of Chicago, Northwest Indiana offers low-cost, high quality living. The Northwest Indiana region houses six universities, professional sports teams, and the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The proximity of Chicago also offers its art and cultural institutions, world-class entertainment and dining to Northwest Indiana residents and guests.

Advantages Of Northwest Indiana

The Lake Michigan Coast

The Northwest Indiana region is home to approximately 15,000 acres of coastline along Lake Michigan. Several ports exist for businesses to have easy transportation capabilities and to take advantage of the lucrative Midwest market.

Epicenter for Advanced Logistics

Strategically located minutes from Chicago, Northwest Indiana enables companies to quickly and efficiently deliver and distribute products at minimal costs. Highways, rail lines, waterways and airports create an ideal location for companies expanding or relocating in Northwest Indiana.

Educated Communities

The Northwest Indiana region is home to several high-ranking educational institutions. Purdue University, Indiana University and Valparaiso University are among the several collegial institutions that provide a well-educated workforce for incoming industry and organizations.

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